• Scott King

    Scott King

    Marketing Strategist and Head of Marketing at Krista Software.

  • Nicholas G

    Nicholas G

    Cloud Evangelist driving the adoption of emerging technologies with Public Cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace, IBM and more.

  • Jason Tomlinson

    Jason Tomlinson

    Lover of sport; food and making things tick! Recent MBA graduate, one time Ironman and product guy for a fortune 100 company (Opinions are my own)

  • craig tracey

    craig tracey

    hammering the pegs until they fit

  • TheCloudNetwork☁️


    #Opines on #Cloud by @OpineMediaGroup (OMG). Now on Flipboard http://flip.it/itxpc

  • Jessica Field

    Jessica Field

    Marketing Manager @ Anchor, Marketing Manager @ Onefishsea, NSW State Secretary @ AWIA, Board of Directors @ OSIA.

  • Jarrett Lusso

    Jarrett Lusso

    Internet Entrepreneur / CTO @CacheVentures

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