Everything I wish I would’ve known before migrating.

Being a years-long Android user, having flashed my Windows Phone to an Android alpha — I’ve been in the Android ecosystem for probably ~15 years.

With my last phone upgrade I made the decision to taste from the Apple tree, and move to iPhone (for a bunch of reasons that…

(Big, Heart & Soul Scene. Courtesy of: 20th Century Fox/Ringer illustration — https://www.theringer.com/movies/2018/6/4/17423236/big-piano-tom-hanks-30th-anniversary)

In my many years of trying to share the experience & insight I’ve gained in community building — I have a “manifesto” that I share to help inspire folks to get started. This manifesto largely consists of pillars, that I have witnessed to be the backbone of great community building…

I’ve been making pickles of two variations, sweet and garlicky, for some time now — and have been asked numerous times for the recipes, so I have decided to share a little bit about how to do so yourselves. You can try this at home.

I’ve learned through my father-in-law…

Sharone Zitzman

A little zany somewhat brainy, and a tireless crusader for social justice.

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